Residential Services

At Royal Marble Polishing Cleaning Services, our unmatched reputation for excellence in stone restoration and protection guarantees outstanding results every time. Its time to bring beauty in your natural stone

Basic Marble Services

Basic Marble Polishing is a General Maintenance procedure involving- Removal of Stains, Fine scratches from the surface of the Marble, Granite & any other type of stone flooring to give a significant Improvisation in the floor Dullness.


Scrubbing is a dynamic process conducted with the help of machines to remove the unwanted superficial layering e.g scaling or environmental layering. This process helps to identify the actual condition of the floor surface and helps to categorize the localized area to be focused more.

Rough Grinding

Grinding is the most unique & dynamic step, as highly advanced grinding machines with tough polishing pad of various Grits & Grades will be used for the correction of any type of lippage removal & making the surface flattened.


Filling is the special process of coverage & fillings of cracks, deep pitting, joints & linings to avoid penetration of water & other liquids inside Marble Floor.

Fine Grinding or Honing

Honing is again a dynamic process conducted with the help of special purpose machines. This process involves usage of various Grits polishing pads & final finish with the help of industrial diamond pads.


Polishing is done with the help of special purpose machine with the usage of diamond floor polishing pads, this process is similar to honing however the grits are systematically reduced to get the desired semi-polished finish or shining to the marble & all other types of floors. 

Sealing & Buffing

Sealing is the technique of marble polish “finishing”. This uses a sealant which get impregnated, from the exposed surface, inside the marble floor, helping to create a protective layering on the superficial surface of Marble & all other types of flooring.

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